Pipet-One 移液器 - 纵览 - 梅特勒-托利多
Pipet-One 移液器

Pipet-One 移液器




Features and Benefits

Durable Construction
Rugged construction, stainless steel and quality PVDF ensure years of performance at low cost of ownership. Simple maintenance. No lubrication.

Lower Plunger Forces
Lighter aspiration and blowout springs reduce pain and injury. Plunger force in Pipet-One is 25% less than in similar traditional pipettes.

Comfortable Fingerhook
The ergonomic designed fingerhook allows to rest the hand and use a lighter grip during pipetting cycles.

Silicone Shock Absorber
The silicone shock absorber in the tip ejector provides extra protection by reducing impact forces when ejecting tips.

Quick-Release Tip Ejector
The clip-lock holds the tip-ejector arm firmly in place, yet it allows for easy ejector arm removal just by pressing lightly on the ejector tabs.

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