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PVM® V819 技术


PVM ®使科学家和工程师们能够在工艺过程的实际浓度下、以其在工艺过程中自然存在的状态下观看并存储晶粒、颗粒、与液滴的显微镜质量的实时图像。

PVM® V819的设计是针对实验室规模的研发,帮助加速对颗粒与液滴体系的研究和理解 - 无需采样和稀释。

退市年份 Nov, 2014


PVM® V819的主要特点包括:

  • 用于工艺过程研发的国际领先探头式显微镜
  • 现有的最小PVM® 探头尺寸(19mm直径)便于安装在不同工作体积的容器里(小至250毫升以下、大至2升以上)
  • 显微镜质量的分辨率;在大部分颗粒与液滴体系里,拥有辨别2微米和2微米以上颗粒的能力
  • 可以通过对PVM®加以优化的内建算法进行实时图像分析。图像可输入到任何一个标准图像分析软件包。 

规格 - PVM® V819 技术
Resolution 2 to 1000μm
Probe Diameter 19mm
Probe Wetted Length 400mm
Probe Wetted Alloy C22
Window Sapphire
Standard Window Seals TM Window
Probe/Window Options RE Probe (RE Window capability ordered with system as probe option)
Pressure Rating (Probe) 10barg (standard)
up to 100barg
Temperature Rating (Probe) -80 to 120°C
Conduit Length 5m [16.4ft]
Enclosure Description Laboratory Base Unit
Temperature Range (Base/Field Unit) 5 to 35°C
Base/Field Unit Dimensions (NOT shipping dimensions) Height: 182mm [7.2in]
Width: 177mm [7.0in]
Depth: 376mm [14.8in]
Certifications CE Approved, Class 1 Laser
Air Requirements Low flow purge: (reuired at low and high temperatures)
Pressure: 0.4barg [5psig]
Flow: 10NL/min [0.4SCFM]
Power Requirements 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Visualize and Understand Particles, Droplets and Cells - By capturing thousands of images per experiment without the need for sampling, PVM® users easily visualize change to particles, droplets or cells and quickly understand process evolution.
  • Identify Process Changes or Upsets - PVM® images quickly identify changes in fines, oil formation, shape/morphology, or agglomeration enabling users to screen experimental parameters, gain early determination of process scalability and ensure product quality.
  • High Resolution Images - PVM® provides microscopy quality images, in-process and in real time to characterize particle systems from 2μm to 1mm and in concentrations up to 40% solids and higher
  • Synchronize and Quantify - iC FBRM™ software allows PVM® images to be synchronized and quantified with Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM®) data to rapidly measure and understand particle shape, dimension, and count.

Since purchasing Lasentec® in 2001, METTLER TOLEDO has become the world leader for inline particle/droplet size, shape, and count characterization.

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