PFA220-EE3000 平台秤 - 纵览 - 梅特勒-托利多

PFA220-EE3000 平台秤

PFA220-EE3000 Painted Floor Scales without Frame The scale is a fully electronic scale that delivers reliable weighing. It is made of carbon steel with epoxy-painted finish. The scale is designed to be installed on top of the floor and is suitable for weighing uniformly distributed loads such as pallets. It is not designed for forklift traffic. Adjustable feet make it easy to level the scale on uneven floors or when moving the scale to a new location.

规格 - PFA220-EE3000 平台秤
最大称量范围 3000 kg
经认证的可读性 1 kg
秤体材质 Mild steel, painted
尺寸 125cm x 125cm
高度 11cm
保护等级 Plattform: IP65; Indicator: IP54
可选配仪表 IND221-1000
物料号 (s) 72211255
  • Basic weighing function: Zero, Clear, Tare, Print
  • 30mm high, 6-digit LED display
  • 6 function keys
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Auto power off
  • RS-232 standard interface
  • Stainless steel J-box
  • Painted platform
  • Adjustable feet




PFA220-EE3000 平台秤
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