DNA Analysis with UV Vis Spectrophotometry

DNA Analysis with UV Vis Spectroscopy


Which spectral features reveal the most valuable information about the sample in DNA analysis?

UV5Nano Spectrophotometer used for accurate and reliable DNA analysis 


Quality and quantity determination of a sample can be crucial for the success of downstream DNA analysis and, in most molecular biology labs, is typically carried out by UV Vis spectroscopy. But what information can we retrieve from the spectrum? This article describes which spectral features reveal the most valuable information about the sample in DNA analysis.

Using poor quality DNA sample or the wrong concentration can lead to incorrect results, meaning the DNA analysis has to be repeated, wasting time and money. UV Vis analysis of DNA using a micro-volume spectrophotometer such as the UV5Nano is a very simple, fast and cost-efficient method of obtaining quality and quantity information from your sample.

Using predefined methods, the test for DNA concentration and purity is performed quickly and simply and guarantees the quality and accuracy of the results. For more information, please download the application below.

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