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FreshBase T self-service model

Smart Touchscreen Weighing

METTLER TOLEDO FreshBase T without customer display is a self-service scale which is easy and intuitive for customers to use based on a convenient and ergonomic touchscreen. The On/Off button is placed out of sight on the underside of the device, which prevents the scale from being inadvertently or willfully switched off. Thanks to the anti-stick coating on the device housing, labels can be removed easily without leaving a residue.

FreshBase T self-service scale
Specifications - FreshBase T self-service model
Description Self-service scale
Printer 2-inch label printer
Operator Display and Keyboard 10.1-inch touchscreen
Processor ARM® Freescale™ 1.0 GHz
Memory 1 GB DRAM; 8 GB Flash memory, expandable using the onboard micro-SD card slot
Operating System MT Smart OS Embedded
Power Supply 100 – 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
Material Aluminum die-cast casing

Features and Benefits

Robust Design

The aluminium die cast casing means FreshBase scales are incredibly robust. FreshBase is very resistant to acids, fats and high mechanical loads. Blade scuffs and scrape marks are virtually invisible on the ABS polymer casing of the display. Labels are easy to remove from the non-stick surface, which is important when the scales are used for self-service.

FreshBase T self-service model
FreshBase T self-service scale

Proven Functionality 

Whether you require traceability and promotions or optional ticket forwarding: FreshBase users benefit from the wealth of functions incorporated into the software of the scales, which combines the knowledge and years of experience of METTLER TOLEDO in food retail.

FreshBase T self-service model
FreshBase T self-service scale

Rapid Roll Change

Changing the roll is completely hassle-free, meaning no wait times for customers. The 2-inch label printer quickly prints all the purchased items on the paper; using larger receipt or label rolls up to 120 millimetres in diameter means less roll changes are needed.

FreshBase T self-service model
FreshBase T self-service model

Easy Operation

The touchscreen menu makes FreshBase intuitive to operate, while offering shoppers extra interactive and convenient functions.

FreshBase T self-service model
FreshBase T self-service scale



Technical Specifications


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FreshBase T self-service model
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