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SmartStand SCS-B

Simple Pipette Management.Shows service status of 4 manual and electronic pipettes, reads and writes RFID, asset management, charges 4 E4™ XLS(+) pipettes. Built-in Bluetooth™ 4.2

Instant service status indication

Shows service status of 4 RAININ RFID enabled pipettes, both manual and electronic.

Wireless asset management

Unique asset management capability with EasyDirect™ Pipette Asset Management software. Connects to PC via built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Charger and RFID reader in one

Charges 4 E4™ XLS(+) pipettes (110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 A). Reads and writes the RFID tag of 4 pipettes. Configurable as stand or hang-up.

Specifications - SmartStand SCS-B
Number of Pipette Slots
Stand Configuration
Stand; Hang-Up™
Bluetooth; USB-mini
Charging Capability
E4™ XLS(+)
Related Software
EasyDirect™ - Pipette Asset Management
Type of Pipettes
Manual; Electronic
Material Number(s)



Material No.: 30312899

( incl. VAT)

Material No.: 30313000

( incl. VAT)

Material No.: 30313247

( incl. VAT)


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SmartStand SCS-B
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