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Tips GelWell 0.17mm 250 µL GT-250-2

Gel-loading tips. Gel-WellTM gel-loading tips, 250 μL max. volume, universal-fit, narrow-bore (0.17 mm) capillary with flat orifice, 200 tips in rack (GT-250-2)

Load gels fast, flat end

Gel-Well .17 mm flat-end tips for gel-loading using pipettes up to 200 ul

Universal fit

Fits all traditional pipettes from 20 ul up to 250 ul

Convenient, easy to mount

200 tips in 1 rack

Specifications - Tips GelWell 0.17mm 250 µL GT-250-2
Tip Technology Universal
Volume Range 0.1 µL – 2 µL
Volume 250 µL
Filter No
Speciality format Gel-Well
Sterilised No
Maximum Volume 250 µL
Amount/Quantity 200 tips in one rack
Material Number(s) 17002376


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Tips GelWell 0.17mm 250 µL GT-250-2


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