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ICS425 Basic Postal Scales

ICS425 Basic Postal Scales

Quick and easy postal scales

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Features and Benefits
  • Rugged industrial quality – Die-cast aluminum housing combined with adherence to the most exacting EMC standards (acc. to EN61326-1 Class B, EN61000-3-2, EB61326-1 and the electrical safety requirements of EN61010-1) ensure long service life and fail safety during day-to-day production, thereby safeguarding investments.
  • A single operating principle from milligrams to tons – Reduced training time, fewer application errors and therefore reduced costs.
  • A variety of connection options: From serial interface to network – The numerous connection options (serial, network, USB, digital I/O, etc.) support the setting up of weighing systems, with the connection of analog weighing platforms and even the integration of scales into networks.
  • A variety of applications: From simple weighing to multi-functional database applications – The ideal product for every application, a solution for every weighing problem.
  • Available for mains or battery operation – You can choose to power the scale via the mains, a built-in battery or an external power supply.
  • GMP-certified scale series – The scales are suitable for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) working.
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