C21 StandardLine Checkweigher for Standard Heavy Load Applications
C21 StandardLine Checkweigher

C21 StandardLine Checkweigher for Heavy Load Applications

Heavy load checkweighing for standard weighing applications in dry production environments

Standard Heavy Load Checkweighing - C21 StandardLine
Standard Heavy Load Checkweighing - C21 StandardLine
Standard Heavy Load Checkweighing - C21 StandardLine
Standard Heavy Load Checkweighing - C21 StandardLine
Standard Heavy Load Checkweighing - C21 StandardLine

Products and Specs

Products and Specs


Checkweighing Guide

Guide to Checkweighing Technology for Food and Pharmaceutical Manufactures
The Checkweighing Guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to use checkweighing technology as part of an effective quality assurance programme.


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Case Studies

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What are the benefits of a C21 StandardLine case checkweigher?

The C21 StandardLine serves as an Economic End-of-line weight control and performs completeness checks for heavy loads. The system is fully configurable with 90 performance and productivity enhancing options to optimize the product transfer of large heavy items and create stable weighing conditions delivering optimum weighing results. The rugged construction and open frame make this system easy to install and clean.

What are the weighing capabilities of the C21 StandardLine Checkweigher?

With a throughput up to 100 packs per minute, a weighing range up to 80 kg and a conveyor speed of up to 90 meters per minute, the C21 StandardLine is an economical and efficient solution to ensure smooth and reliable weighing of heavy loads. The checkweighers dependable accuracy allows its use in many industrial production situations, especially demanding applications requiring complete weighing control of large products. 

    What production environments are suitable for the C21 StandardLine Checkweigher?

    The C21 StandardLine is suitable for use in all dry production processes in food, non-food and chemical segments. The case checkweigher is ideal for heavy loads, such as cartons and pallets. With a rugged stainless steel construction and an open frame, the C-Series system is easy to install and clean, and offers a flexible enclosure available separately from the HMI.

    How does the C21 StandardLine Checkweigher ensure weighing accuracy?

    The C21 StandardLine uses MID-approved EMFR loadcells for conveyor width of 60cm and EMFR or strain gauge loadcells for 80cm wide conveyors offer optimal accuracy depending on the product size. Designed to withstand heavy-duty loads and minimize weighing errors.

      What are the data connectivity options?

      The C21 checkweighers support a range of open communication interfaces and protocols for IoT/Industry 4.0 environments, setting it apart from the competition. 

        Is product handling important on a case checkweigher?

        Smoothly transferring large, heavy objects is not easy, but it is essential in order to ensure accurate results. Furthermore it is important to offer advanced and secure sorting and reject mechanisms to protect against damaged products during the weighing process. 


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