M300 Water 1-Channel Touch Screen Analytical Transmitter

M300 Water 1-channel Transmitter, ½ DIN, ¼ DIN

Specifications - M300 Water 1-channel Transmitter, ½ DIN, ¼ DIN
ISM Plug and Measure, predictive diagnostics (DLI ACT TTM), iMonitor
Power Supply 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz 10VA20 to 30 VDC 10VA
Current Outputs 4 for 2-channel versions (2 for 1-channel versions)0/4 to 20mA, 22mA alarm, galvanically isolated
Relays 2 SPST, mechanical, 250 VAC or 30 VDC, 3A2 SPST, Reed, 250 VAC or 250 VDC, 0.5A, 10W
Digital Inputs 2 for 2-channel versions (1 for 1-channel versions)
PID Controller Yes
User Interface 4.0" TFT b/w touchscreen, 320x240 pixels
USB Interface 1 USB host: data logging, loading or saving configuration1 USB device: software update interface
Protection ½ DIN: IP65; ¼ DIN: IP65 (front) IP20 (rear)
Password Protection Yes
Applications Water Analytics
Sensor Type Analog or ISM
Parameters pH/ORP, Conductivity, DO, Ozone

Features and Benefits

High Flexibility

  • Multi-parameter transmitters as one or two channel models accept analog sensors and ISM sensors.

Intuitive Operation

  • Exceptional user friendly operation with a touch-screen and a clear display of important information.

Fast startup

  • Error-free Plug and Measure plus the connection of pre-calibrated sensors allow fast measurement setup.

Predictive Maintenance

  • ISM predictive maintenance features provide sensor diagnostics and reduce maintenance efforts.


Datasheets & Brochures

Data Sheet for M300 4-wire Transmitter
The multi-parameter M300 Water and M300 Process transmitter series’ for pH/ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity /resistivity and ozone measurements off...

Quick Setup Guides

Quick Start Guide for Transmitter Configuration Tool M300 TCT
This Quick Start Guide details information on handling the M300 TCT software and is a supplement to the operation manual of the M300 transmitter.
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M300 Water 1-channel Transmitter, ½ DIN, ¼ DIN
Hazardous Area
FM Approved


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M300 Water 1-channel Transmitter, ½ DIN, ¼ DIN
Hazardous Area
FM Approved
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