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Analytical Transmitter M300

Analytical Transmitter M300

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ParametersConductivity/resistivity, pH/ORP, amperometric DO, ozone
ApplicationPure and Ultrapure Water Analytics
Sensor TypeISM/Analog



Conductivity for Media Separation of Milk and Water
In some processes in the food & beverage industry conductivity is measured to control the separation of two non-mixable liquid phases or two liquids w...
DO Measurement in Primary and Secondary Wastewater Treatment
Biological industrial wastewater treatment Biological processes are being more and more used to treat wastewater effluents, instead of chemical and m...

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Cleaning System EasyClean 200e
Fully automated rinsing and cleaning without calibration.
Works in conjunction with a retractable housing to withdraw the electrode from the process prior to automatic water rinsing.
Water rinsing or compressed air to create turbulence to prevent stubborn build-up.
InPro 7002-TC-VP Sensor
Find our highly polished 2-electrode sensor InPro 7002-TC-VP, which is designed to meet the requirements of sanitary applications.

Technical Specifications

Technical Data: M300 Multi-Parameter Transmitter Series for pH / ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Ozone
The multi-parameter M300 Water and M300 Process transmitter series for pH / ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and ozone measurements offers exceptio...


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