M100 | Sensor-Mount Transmitter | DIN Rail Transmitter

M100 Compact Transmitters

Sensor-Mounted and DIN Rail-Mounted Analytical Transmitters

The M100 is a family of single-channel, multi-parameter transmitters with a compact footprint to simplify installation. This family includes the M100 sensor mount transmitter for bioreactors and the M100 DIN rail transmitter for simple, compact installation. To maximize space, M100 has no on-screen interface. Sensor configuration and viewing of diagnostics are done externally via a PC with iSense software or your plant controller. LEDs on the transmitter display sensor status and alarms.

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What is an M100?

An M100 is family of single-channel, multi-parameter analytical transmitters  The M100 DR (DIN Rail transmitter) can be used for measuring for measuring pH/ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity, while the M100 SM (Sensor Mount transmitter) can be used for measuring pH/ORP, dissolved oxygen or CO2. They are designed for METTLER TOLEDO Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) digital sensors.

How is an M100 mounted?

There are different configurations of M100 transmitter. The DIN rail transmitter is an M100 that is suitable for DIN rail mounting on a 35 mm wide DIN rail system. The M100 sensor-mount transmitter is mounted directly on the head of the sensor via an AK8 or VP8 connection, depending on the model.

How do I configure an M100 if it has no display?

This depends on the configuration of your M100 transmitter. For the M100 DIN rail transmitter, the configuration and integration of sensor diagnostics into asset management tools is possible thanks to the integrated HART protocol or 4/20mA analog output. For the M100 sensor-mount transmitter, there is a Bluetooth 4.0 interface as well as two 4/20 mA analog outputs and a digital MODBUS RTU interface.

What ISM features are available on the M100?

The M100 family of analog transmitters allows you to take advantage of all of the features of ISM technology. ISM sensors integrated into an M100 transmitter feature Plug and Measure functionality for fast, easy set-up. Users also have access to ISM predictive diagnostics, including the Dynamic Lifetime Indicator and the Adaptive Calibration Timer.

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