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Halogen Moisture Analyzer HS153

High-Performance Moisture Analysis. 0.01 %MC (1 mg) readability, user guidance, real-time drying curve, user management, method (99) and result storage (3000), 3 drying programs, control charts.

Accurate Results for Numerous Samples

Get highly reliable and repeatable moisture results thanks to fast halogen heating and superior weighing performance.

Innovative Design for Easy Cleaning

The hanging weighing pan and the flat stainless steel surface underneath allow fast and easy cleaning.

Easy Connection via Multiple Interfaces

For easy reporting, connect the instrument to a PC, FTP server, strip printer or network printer using either Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RS232 or USB.

Specifications - Halogen Moisture Analyzer HS153
Repeatability (sd) with 2g Sample 0.05 %
Repeatability (sd) with 10g Sample 0.01 %
Drying Programs Gentle; Rapid; Standard
Readability 0.01 %MC
Storage 1-3000 Results; 100 Methods
Recommended Moisture Range 0.5 - 100 %MC
Result Handling A4/Letter Printing; Control Charts; ID Management; Real-Time Drying Curve; Results Prediction (optional)
User Management Multiple Users; Password Protection; Auto-Lock
Switch-off criteria 5 Automatic (SOC 1-5); Freely Definable (1-10 mg/ 5-300 s); Freely Definable (% Weight Loss/s); Timed
Test & Adjust SmartCal; Temperature (100/160); Weight
Drying Temperature 40 °C – 230 °C
Temperature Increments 1 °C
Display Mode %AD; %AM; %DC; %MC; g; g/kg DC; g/kg MC
Maximum Capacity 151 g
Voltage 115V or 230V
Readability MC 0.01 %
Guaranteed Repeatability 0.9 mg
Method Development Support Method Wizard; Temperature Assistant; Test Measurement
Material Number(s) 30019876

Increased Safety with User Management

Define users with individual access rights and auto-lock functionality. Preconfigure home screens to reduce errors and increase safety and efficiency.

Integrated Method Development Support

The integrated Method Wizard helps you to develop robust methods, delivering reliable moisture results with minimum effort.

Highly Flexible Moisture Methods

Multiple drying programs and various switch-off criteria enable accurate moisture content measurement from below 1% up to 100%.

Reduced Measurement Time (optional)

The QuickPredict function predicts results in a fraction of the usual time, enabling quicker decision making and speed up of further process steps.

Optimized Productivity

Define control limits and get instant pass/fail decisions per sample plus a graphical overview with control charts for the sample series.

Intuitive OneClickTM Operation

The large 7" color touchscreen offers an easy to navigate user interface. The operator is guided graphically step by step through the workflow.


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Halogen Moisture Analyzer HS153


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