WeightLink™ - weight identification system for balances and scales
WeightLink™ - weight indentification system


Perfectly designed to support testing and calibration of balances


Secure Traceability in Balance Testing

With our innovative WeightLink™ system, every test weight has a Unique Identification Number (UIN) on the base which 'links' it to its calibrati...

With our innovative WeightLink™ system, every test weight has a Unique Identification Number (UIN) on the base which 'links' it to its calibration certificate. Calibration and certificate data are stored in a Data Matrix Code (DMC), either adhered to the weight box for individual weights or on the WeightLink™ Card for CarePacs®. The dedicated DMC Scanner reads the two codes and sends the information to the balance. The balance firmware validates the certificate and weight data before allowing the balance test to begin.

With WeightLink™, it is impossible to test using an incorrect weight or a weight which needs recalibrating. The chance of using the wrong weight and the risk of transcription errors from manual data entry are completely eliminated.

Full traceability is assured in 4 easy steps:  

  • Scan certificate data
  • Scan weight
  • Perform balance test
  • Print report

Innovative and Seamless Balance Testing
Secure Traceability in Balance Testing

Digital Readable Calibration Certificate – The eData
Traceability of Weights Guaranteed
Automated Data Transfer with DMC Scanner
WeightLink™ CarePacs® Diligence in Routine Testing
Enriched Test Reports


Product Brochures

Brochure: OIML Weights - Comprehensive Portfolio
The weight portfolio covers OIML weights from fifty micrograms to five tons in all accuracy classes.
Brochure : Weights Competence
METTLER TOLEDO has an extensive weight portfolio, from low capacity weights for the laboratory to high capacity weights for industrial applications.

White Paper

Secure Traceability in Balance Testing
Avoid data entry errors and weight mix-ups. WeightLink™ allows fast, secure testing with verified weight identification.


Datasheet: Weight Verification System for Traceable Balance Testing
WeightLink™ is an innovative weight identification system that guarantees full traceability of your balance tests.


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