Mass Comparator XPR32003LD5C - 32.1 kg capacity

Comparator XPR32003LD5C

Efficient and Trackable Calibration.Manual mass comparator, 32.1 kg capacity, 5 mg readability, XPR terminal, built-in ProFACT adjustment, MC Link mass calibration software included

One-Click Certificate

The MC Link software automatically stores all weight calibration data in a secure database. Calibration certificates can be issued with a single click.

Secure Data Transfer

The integrated USB and LAN interfaces makes it easy to connect it to a PC or network. Data transfer using the MC Link software is secure, fast and error-free

Effortlessly Compliant

Sophisticated monitoring of the parameters relevant to metrology within MC Link helps to ensure your results meet regulatory requirements.

Specifications - Comparator XPR32003LD5C
Maximum Capacity 32.1 kg
Readability 5 mg
Repeatability (Nominal Load) 15 mg
Repeatability (typical) 6.5 mg
Repeatability ABA at Nominal Load 8 mg
Repeatability ABA at Low Load 5 mg
OIML Class F1; F2; M1; M2; M3
Software MC Link 2 Mass Calibration Software includ
Adjustment Internal / ProFACT
Battery operation No
Capacity 32,100 g
Display 7" colour TFT touchscreen
Guaranteed Repeatability 15 mg
Linearity 20 mg
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical) 13 g
Preferred model Top Performance
Readability 5 mg
Settling Time 8 s
Terminal size 7 inch
User management / Audit Trail Yes
Weighing Pan Size ( DxW) or Diameter 360.00 mm x 280.00 mm
Material Number(s) 30317643


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Installation Instructions

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Comparator XPR32003LD5C


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Material No.: 30212767

Material No.: 30078423

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Material No.: 11116548


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Comparator XPR32003LD5C
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