Dissolved Oxygen Standards for Calibration and Verification

Dissolved Oxygen Standard

Tablets for an Easy Standard Preparation

Discard Expired Buffer

The expiry date indicates until which date the certificate guarantees the value and the associated measurement uncertainty. After this date the uncertainty cannot be guaranteed.

Fresh Buffer

Use a fresh aliquot of buffer for each calibration to ensure no contamination enters the bottle. Do not calibrate directly in the solution bottle.

Correct Quantity

Use enough buffer for accurate calibrations. The sensor should be submerged in the solution in order to achieve the most accurate results.



pH Meters

To fit your electrochemistry system needs, we offer a variety of benchtop and portable meters that are professional and durable. Our portfolio offers products designed for compliance, routine measurements or anyone working on a tight budget.

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pH Sensors

The complete InLab sensor portfolio covers the whole scope of DO applications. These range from routine measurements to specialist applications. To find your perfect match, visit our Sensor Product Guide today for an interactive way to the right sensor

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We offer different service packages depending on your needs. These range from professional on-site installation and configuration to documented proof of compliancy. If full coverage beyond initial warranty is desired, we offer an extended care package in the form of preventive maintenance and repair.

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Products and Specs

Products and Specs
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Product Brochures

Solutions for Calibration & Care
The determination of pH, conductivity, ion concentration, redox potential and dissolved oxygen are common analyses in most laboratories. The measureme...

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and certificates


What is a dissolved oxygen standard solution used for?

A dissolved oxygen standard must be used to obtain reliable results at low oxygen levels. METTLER TOLEDO offers zero-oxygen tablets to make the preparation of the dissolved oxygen standard fast and easy.

What is the shelf life of the zero oxygen tablet?

Zero oxygen tablets have a 2-year expiration date, which is encoded on the box.

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