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uGo carrying case

Protected Mobility. The uGo carrying case is designed to work as a mobile lab, being able to carry a Seven2Go, various sensors, sample and buffer bottles.

Rugged and light

The rugged, yet light, design of the uGo carrying case ensures the Seven2Go portables are always protected when you are on the move.

IP67, inside and out

The uGo carrying case is IP67 rated and completely washable. The hermetically-sealed interior allows for easy cleaning, even under challenging conditions.

Mobile Lab

The uGo carrying case allows you to calibrate and measure samples out of the case without the need to remove the meter. Convenient and secure.

Specifications - uGo carrying case
Meter Seven2Go; Seven2Go Pro; SevenGo Duo; SevenGo Duo Pro
Type Meter accessories
Material Number(s) 30122300


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uGo carrying case
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