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SevenExcellence pH/Ion/Cond meter S475

Unmatched lab performance.SevenExcellence S475-B, pH/Ion/cond. benchtop meter

Professional and powerful

Combining all the benefits of a professional pH, conductivity and ion meter in one powerful triple-channel instrument.

Multi-parameter at its finest

One meter for all important parameters, supporting measurement of 1, 2 or 3 simultaneous channels, either in the same or different samples.

Efficient workflow support

The complete measurement cycle from data input to result output is efficient and intuitive.

Specifications - SevenExcellence pH/Ion/Cond meter S475
Parameter pH; Conductivity; Ion; ORP
Channel Multi-channel
Version kit Meter only
pH measuring range -2 – 20
pH resolution 0.001; 0.01; 0.1
pH accuracy (±) 0.002
Conductivity measuring range 0.001 μS/cm – 2000 mS/cm
Conductivity resolution 0.001 – 1
Conductivity accuracy (±) 0.5 %
Ion concentration measuring range 1.00E-9 – 9.99E+9
Ion concentration resolution 3 digits (depending on unit)
Ion concentration accuracy (±) 0.5 %
mV measuring range 0
mV resolution 0.1; 1
mV accuracy (±) 0.1
Temperature Range -30 °C – 130 °C
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature accuracy (±) 0.1 °C
Portable No
Security and compliance 21 CFR part 11 support; GLP; Password protection; Program SOPs into methods; User management
ISM support Yes
Memory size 250 analyses (20.000 data points)
Data Transfer PC; Printer; USB stick
Flexibilty and modularity Automation; Barcode reader; LabX software; Stirrer; Upgrade for additional parameters
Material Number(s) 30046255

Simple Operation

The operation of SevenExcellenceTM is so intuitive that it can be immediately deployed without long periods of user familiarization. Starting an analysis, changing the settings and accessing the results is easily achieved.

Intuitive and Clear

The large clear color display and the state-of-the-art touch screen operation make working with this instrument particularly enjoyable. The instrument speaks your language, making the selection of the right menu settings intuitive.

Flexibility in all Respect

SevenExcellenceTM fits three modules in any composition and order. It offers the highest possible flexibility as you can expand the instrument at any time, adding new measurement parameters.

Solid Compliance

This instrument has been designed to help you meet the most stringent compliance requirements. SevenExcellenceTM offers the ideal combination of innovative properties integrated within the instrument, appropriate documentation and services.

Efficient Workflow Support

Just one click is needed to start a sample or a series of measurements or an analysis series with an optional autosampler. Once setup, data archiving is a standard procedure that will take place automatically following each analysis.


Material No.: 30094120

Material No.: 21901297

Material No.: 30034475

Material No.: 51109150

Material No.: 30115728

Material No.: 30034473

Material No.: 30019823

Material No.: 30034474

Material No.: 51192107

Material No.: 30281896

Material No.: 30281897

Material No.: 30281898

Material No.: 30281915

Material No.: 30281916

Material No.: 30281917

Increase testing throughput in your lab with the single row InMotion Flex Autosampler. Connect the Flex to Excellence titrators, density meters, refractometers, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, and pH meters for increased productivity.

Material No.: 30094121

Increase testing throughput in your lab with the multiple row InMotion Max Autosampler. Connect the Max to Excellence titrators, density meters, refractometers, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, and pH meters for increased productivity.

Material No.: 30094123

Increase testing throughput in your lab with the multiple row InMotion Pro Autosampler. Connect the Pro to Excellence titrators, density meters, refractometers, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, and pH meters for increased productivity.

Material No.: 30094122

Material No.: 30040000

Material No.: 30034471

Material No.: 30034472

Material No.: 51108219

Material No.: 30041155

Material No.: 51302888

Material No.: 21901309


Conductivity Standards

Material No.: 51350094

Material No.: 51350098

Material No.: 30094617

Material No.: 51300169

Material No.: 51302153

Material No.: 51300170

Material No.: 51350092

Material No.: 51350096

EasyPlus™ Sensors

Material No.: 51300164

Laboratory Conductivity Sensor

Material No.: 51302256

Material No.: 51302255

Material No.: 30014160

Material No.: 51344020

Material No.: 30014092

Material No.: 51344030

Material No.: 51344031

Material No.: 30014094

Material No.: 30014097

Material No.: 30014099

Laboratory ORP Buffers

Material No.: 51350060

Laboratory ORP Sensor

Material No.: 51343200

Laboratory pH Buffer

Material No.: 51302068

Material No.: 51302080

Material No.: 30095312

Material No.: 30095313

Material No.: 51350032

Material No.: 51350034

Material No.: 51350036

Material No.: 51350038

Laboratory pH Sensor

Material No.: 51343050

Material No.: 30248830

Material No.: 51343031

Material No.: 51343100

Material No.: 30014096

Material No.: 51344211

Material No.: 51343010

Material No.: 51344163

Material No.: 51343164

Material No.: 59904572

Material No.: 30092990

Material No.: 51344155

Material No.: 59904591

Material No.: 51344172

Material No.: 30247850

Material No.: 30248826

Material No.: 51343061

Material No.: 30027775

Material No.: 59902917

pH Accessories

Material No.: 51300165

pH Electrolyte and Maintenance Solutions

Material No.: 51350072

Material No.: 51343180

Material No.: 30111142

Material No.: 51350102

Material No.: 51350104

Material No.: 30095314

Material No.: 30095315

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SevenExcellence pH/Ion/Cond meter S475
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