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SevenCompact pH/Cond S213-Water-Kit

Multitasking Has Never Been Easier. SevenCompact Duo S213 Water Kit, pH/Cond dual-channel bench-top meter with InLab Pure Pro-ISM and InLab 741-ISM

Intuitive Operation

Starting a measurement or calibration requires only a single keypress. Menu settings are intuitive, consisting of full sentences in 12 languages.

IP54 Design for Long Lasting Investment

SevenCompact's robust design, warrants a durable investment. Comprehensive service guarantees smooth operation even years after initial installation.

Useful Accessories for Great Flexibility

Connect various accessories such as barcode reader, keyboard, USB stick, USB printer or a PC with EasyDirect pH to boost SevenCompac’s flexibility.

Specifications - SevenCompact pH/Cond S213-Water-Kit
Parameter pH; Conductivity; ORP
Channel Dual-channel
Version kit Ready-to-measure kit
Sensor InLab Pure Pro-ISM; InLab 741-ISM
pH measuring range -2 – 20
pH resolution 0.001; 0.01; 0.1
pH accuracy (±) 0.002
Conductivity measuring range 0.001 μS/cm – 1000 mS/cm
Conductivity resolution 0.001 – 1
Conductivity accuracy (±) 0.5 %
mV measuring range 0
mV resolution 0.1; 1
mV accuracy (±) 0.1
Temperature Range -30 °C – 130 °C
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature accuracy (±) 0.1 °C
Portable No
Security and compliance GLP; Password protection; User management
ISM support Yes
Memory size 1.000 measurements
Data Transfer PC; Printer; USB stick
Flexibilty and modularity Barcode reader; Stirrer
Protection Rating Watertight and dustproof (IP54)
Material Number(s) 30339980

Dual Channel Measures pH and Conductivity

Whether measuring pH and conductivity separately or simultaneously, the meter switches the display with one key press. All inputs are galvanically isolated from each other, allowing for undisturbed measurement in the same beaker.

Precision for Low Conductivities

The Water Kit comes with 2 specialty sensors for pure water applications. The InLab Pure Pro-ISM and the stainless steel 2-cell sensor InLab 741-ISM are both designed for low conductivities such as pure or ultra pure water.

Ready for the Future with Digital Input

The SevenCompactTM Duo S213 supports both analog and digital pH and conductivity sensors. Be ready for the future.

High-Resolution Color Display

The 4.3 inch color display with its large digits and well arranged icons makes the relevant data identifiable at a glance.

Flexible and Fast Calibration

The automatic buffer recognition system help avoiding to calibrate with the wrong buffer. There are 8 predefined buffer sets for pH and 13 pre defined standards for conductivity available. This safes you time and help in avoiding mistakes


No matter which METTLER TOLEDO instrument is connected, you will always obtain a printout that meets the quality standards.
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Document your results
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SevenCompact pH/Cond S213-Water-Kit


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