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Sample Changer SC30H Heated

Heated Automation Unit. SC30H

The Best Guarantee for a Fast Payback

Thanks to the powerful sampling mechanism, the SC30H automates the complete measuring and cleaning cycle for up to 30 samples.

Efficient Cleaning and Contact Free Operation

SC30H is automatically cleaned with one or two rinsing liquids and dried after measurements. Operators are protected from direct contact with toxic solvents.

Heated Version for Solid Samples

The heated SC30H is suitable for performing density measurements on samples which are solid at ambient temperatures such as paraffins, vaselines, etc.

Specifications - Sample Changer SC30H Heated
Material Number(s) 51327500


Excellence Density Meters

Excellence Refractometers

Excellence Refractometers measure almost any sample with a very high accuracy, up to five decimal places.
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Sample Changer SC30H Heated
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