Autosampler InMotion Flex DERE 100mL - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

Autosampler InMotion Flex DERE 100mL


Easy and Reliable

Efficiently automate density and spectrophotometry measurements in aqueous, low viscosity samples (e.g. Brix and pH in beverages)

Flexible Workflow

Stir your sample or degas it automatically prior to the measurement. Clean the system with a single click with the PowerShowerTM

Multi-Parameter System

Combine InMotion with UV/VIS and Density Meters, and fully automate your workflow, saving operator time and increasing data accuracy.

Specifications - Autosampler InMotion Flex DERE 100mL
Material Number(s) 30094290

Data Management

With LabX, you manage your data, perform calculations, and customize reports, which means streamlining your processes and reducing the risk of transcription errors.

Modular and Customized (DERE Only)

Build your InMotion around your samples with CoverUpTM lid handling, a wide range of available beaker / rack sizes, barcode reader, and PowerShowerTM.


Excellence Density Meters

Excellence Refractometers

Excellence Refractometers measure almost any sample with a very high accuracy, up to five decimal places.

pH Accessories

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Autosampler InMotion Flex DERE 100mL
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