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Method Window

The Method Window is a graphical method editor that allows you to create methods and to display them graphically. The software option is required in order to set up more complex methods, typically used in TOPEM®, ADSC, IsoStep and DMA applications. In particular, a database filter is provided for rapid method search.

STARe Software Option Method Window
Specifications - Method Window
Material Number(s) 51119874
Features and Benefits
  • Generation of temperature programs
  • Selection of gas and gas flow rate
  • Selection of start/end
  • Blank curve subtraction
  • Definition of limits in sample size
  • Assignment of methods to method groups
  • Generation of special calibration methods
  • Generation of simple loops
  • Setting of TMA loads prior to, during and after an experiment
  • Additional hardware and software options are: the gas controller, Conditional Experiment Termination software, MaxRes software, Experiment Window software


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Method Window


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Method Window
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