Bluetooth Adapter ACM360-M1 EU - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

Bluetooth Adapter ACM360-M1 EU

Versatile Wireless Solution.

Low Power Consumption

The direct powering of this bluetooth adaptor (Version 4.1) using the terminal's RS232 interface makes the user independent of any other power supply.

Easy Installation and Pairing

Installing the ACM360 Bluetooth adaptor is simple. Just press the multifunction key and you are ready to go.

Flexible Label Printing

Up to 10 different ZPL label templates can be stored on the adaptor. This enhances the usability of all terminals not featuring this function.

Specifications - Bluetooth Adapter ACM360-M1 EU
Bluetooth Version 4.1
Housing ABS Plastic Enclosure
Key One multi-function key
Protection Rating IP 65
Standard Communication Distance 10m
Work Mode SPP or Label Print
Material Number(s) 30468400



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Bluetooth Adapter ACM360-M1 EU


IND131/IND331 Weighing Terminals

A compact panel-mounted process terminal for use in Zone 2/22 and Division 2 Hazardous Areas
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Bluetooth Adapter ACM360-M1 EU


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