Garvens Granulate Conveyor - METTLER TOLEDO

The challenges with granular products

Normal conveyor systems have difficulties with ingress of crystal powder or granular products. The small particles cause irregular belt movements and excessive vibrations and will destroy conveyor, rollers and drive belts over time - resulting in short service cycles and cost expensive downtime. Weighing accuracy is endangered with an unstable product transfer of tall package size or swashing contents.

Avoid ingress of granular products

Maintain accurate weighing results

Achieve safe product transfer

The Garvens Granulate Conveyor is the answer - reliable even in non-food applications

Red Dot LogoWell protected against all kinds of abrasive particles like sugars, salts or powders and achieving accurate weighing results they are applicable in food production as well as in cosmetic or pharmaceutical checkweighing applications. Awarded with the 'Red Dot Design Award' for outstanding sustainability and innovative design the Garvens granulate conveyors are a real asset in your production line.

  • No open gaps: Avoids ingress of crystal powder
  • Very strong and stable: Milled out of a solid metal block
  • Flexible belt: Easy belt change
  • Best possible product transfer: 25 mm roller diameter
  • Highly modular: Applicable with broad range of checkweighers


Sugar Cubes

Washing Detergent

Washing Detergent

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