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Purity determination of Nucleic Acids

The Pasteur Institute is a world-wide renowned French non-profit foundation for the prevention and treatment of diseases through research and education. Thanks to METTLER TOLEDO's UV5Nano spectrophotometer they have optimized measurement processes and analyses of nucleic acids.

UV5Nano tried and tested

During the set-up of the Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry Nucleic Acids, Mr. Hollenstein contacted METTLER TOLEDO and was particularly impressed by the new UV5Nano spectrophotometer. The laboratory specializes in generating modified nucleoside triphosphate analogs used to isolate DNA and RNA aptamers and catalysts. The synthesized oligo-nucleotides can then be used in various applications including gene therapy and diagnoses.

UV5Nano spectrometer
UV5Nano spectrometer

The UV5Nano is used daily for an average of 5-10 measurements.

Daily companion

The spectrophotometer is used daily for an average of 5-10 measurements to quantify natural and modified nucleotides and oligonucleotides. The results provide important information on the purity of the sample. Mr. Hollenstein especially appreciated the speed of the UV5Nano and the ability to perform micro-volume and cuvette measurements on the same device. He states: "We can now compare the results obtained with the two measurements. In other laboratories, these measurements have to be carried out on separate instruments, when available. The time we save is very valuable."

He further adds: "The accuracy of the micro-volume platform seems to be higher when compared it to other equivalent systems used by members of my lab. Also, the instrument is very compact, especially when compared to standard UV/VIS spectrophotometers."

Lab members and UV5Nano users (from left to right): Marcel Hollenstein (laboratory manager), Fabienne Levi-Acobas (technician) and Pascal Röthlisberger (post-doc)

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