Continuous on-line bioburden monitoring for pharmaceutical waters


Microbial excursion testing in pharmaceutical water systems has meant lengthy delays waiting for cultures to grow. Now, the on-line 7000RMS analyzer delivers real-time measurement of biologic contamination.

Increased product quality
Delays in identification of microbes in pharma waters can have severe consequences for intermediate and final product release. The time required to obtain results from culture-based measurements, and even Rapid Microbiological Methods such as PCR technology, is considered unacceptable in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Now, the 7000RMS microbial identification system eliminates the need for routine lab testing (and the inherent risk of false positive results), with no sample preparation or microbial culture media required. Instant notification of microbial excursions allows for rapid remediation, preventing product from being affected. The reduction in lab measurements and savings in energy through optimized sanitization cycles results in markedly lower operating costs.

Leading-edge spectroscopic technology

By measuring light-induced fluorescence (LIF) and using sophisticated algorithms the 7000RMS analyzer detects and quantifies biologic and inert particles. The presence of intrinsic fluorescence emissions from microbes is measured by a photomultiplier tube. A second detector analyses Mie scattering to determine microbe and inert particle numbers. The 7000RMS also measures viable but non-culturable microbes.

Easy to use in production and in the lab
Wherever required in your water loops the 7000RMS can be utilized on-line or at-line. It can also be used in the laboratory for rapid testing of grab samples. The analyzer's touchscreen interface displays all critical data and controls in a user-friendly manner. Alarms can be set for alert, action and specification limits. The 7000RMS offers SCADA connectivity with ModBus TCP, multiple analog outputs and is Wi-Fi capable.

7000RMS - microbial control methods have got a lot easier.

Technical data of the 7000RMS

Sampling flow rate30mL/min

Biological detection and quantification
1 bio count

Limit of quantification1 bio count

Dynamic range0-2 X 104 total counts/mL*

Linear range0-700 total counts/mL*

Sample temperature (noncondensing)5...90 0C (14...194 0F)

Operational enviornment (noncondensing)Up to 50 0C (120 0F)

Online inlet pressure2-7 bar (30- 100 psig)

RMS operating softwareWindows 7-based proprietary software: RMS version 3.0

Data communication- Ethernet - standard RJ 45/Wi-Fi capable
- SCADA connectivity via Modbus TCp
- 2 analog output channels: 4-20 mA standard,
  user-software with configurable output ranges

Physical dimensions (W x H x D)56.4 x 61.6 x 30.5 cm (22.2 x 24.25 x 12'')

Weight32 kg (70 Ibs)

IP ratingIP65, NEMA 4 (enclosure)

Power90-240 VAC/5A, 50-60 Hz
NEMA 4/IP65 power connector
Up to 15 ft (4.6 meters) SJ cord length provided standard

Maximum allowable particle size50 µm

Monitoring locationFor continuous online monitoring panel, wall mounting tabs kit standard

Continuous on-line bioburden monitoring
Continuous on-line bioburden monitoring

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