XPR Precision Solutions for accurate Analytical Results
Product Brochure

XPR Precision Balance Solutions

Product Brochure

Excellence Level XPR Precision Balances

There is No Compromise

Excellence XPR precision balances go beyond accurate weighing with flexible solutions to support you with data management, traceability and regulatory compliance.


Outstanding Performance

The innovative SmartPan™ weighing pan minimizes the effects of air currents on the weighing cell to dramatically improve stabilization time and repeatability. Our high capacity 1 mg readability balances streamline processes by enabling you to weigh large and small samples on the same balance.


Meeting Your Process Needs

Weighing your sample is often just the first of many steps in your analysis. However, business demands for high sample throughput mean increased pressure to complete weighing tasks as quickly as possible. XPR’s flexible solutions support you to weigh efficiently without compromising on accuracy.


Quality Assurance Features

Industry standards demand traceable and compliant results, and it can be stressful ensuring that you have done everything correctly. You not only want your data to be correct in the first place, but you also need it to stand up to scrutiny later.


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