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Rainin 2020 Calendar

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The Art of Pipetting

Rainin 2020 calendar
Rainin 2020 calendar

With the Rainin Art of Pipetting calendar, each year we reinterpret the work of a famous artist to brighten your lab – and celebrate you, who have dedicated your career to advancing science and improving lives. As long as you continue to contribute your talents to science, you can count on Rainin to deliver the highest accuracy, best performing liquid handling equipment, consumables and service available.

Our 2020 Rainin Art of Pipetting wall calendar reinterprets the work of renowned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, whose style reflects vision, versatility and his innate curiosity – a lot like life scientists! 


You deserve the best: Rainin Multichannel Pipettes!

Another work of art – the Rainin multichannel pipette – reflects our passion for accuracy and precision, and delivers the industry's highest channel-to-channel consistency. Two works of art, different mediums!


Multichannel Pipettes: Buy Online


Electronic Multichannel Pipettes: Buy Online

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