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Remote Service Saves Both Time and Money

Remote diagnostics


With the right technology, service technicians can check a scale’s performance from anywhere. This new trend toward remote access and advanced diagnostic tools prevents downtime by solving problems quickly.


During the winter, a waste collection facility had a problem with one of its outbound truck scales. The scale would not return to zero consistently, at times indicating a considerable amount of weight when the scale was empty. The facility has four truck scales—a pair of inbound/outbound scales for weighing residential trucks and a pair for weighing commercial trucks. Shutting down any of these scales can cause serious delays.

Concerned that the problem was affecting weighing accuracy, the scale manager called Sean Solledener, an application specialist at the local METTLER TOLEDO scale service provider. “At the time, I was 250 miles away at a gas station in the desert,” says Sean. “Using LogMeIn on my smartphone and the customer’s computer network, I was able to access the scale terminal's website.” This allowed him to view the status of the scale's components.

What he found was that the load cells were all showing weight and there was no indication of scale error. But the weight reading at one end of the scale wasn’t right. Because of Sean's familiarity with the facility’s layout, he knew that dirt and debris would tend to build up under that end of the scale.

Armed with that information, he directed the customer to check under the problem end of the scale. Sure enough, a large amount of frozen mud and ice had built up around the load cells. In a matter of minutes, the customer was able to remove the material with a pressure washer and had the scale weighing accurately again.

POWERCELL PDXBy solving the problem over the phone, Sean helped the customer avoid a time-consuming service call and possible downtime. The keys were his know-how and the right diagnostic tools: LogMeIn software to enable remote access to a computer, METTLER TOLEDO's IND780 website to allow access to the scale terminal, and POWERCELL® PDX® technology to check the performance of individual load cells.

Many METTLER TOLEDO products have built-in diagnostic tools that simplify troubleshooting. Checking a scale remotely can give a service technician a basic understanding of the problem within a few minutes. More importantly, it can prevent costly downtime by getting the scale back in service quickly.

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