Case Study - METTLER TOLEDO’s Inspection Solutions Gives Confidence to Frozen Food Supplier - METTLER TOLEDO
Case Study

Case Study - METTLER TOLEDO’s Inspection Solutions Gives Confidence to Frozen Food Supplier

Case Study

Frostkrone Frozen Foods GmbH manufactures frozen finger food products in Rietberg, Germany. The popular convenience food items include fried, filled and processed frozen food products.

The product range includes crispy mozzarella sticks, fiery jalapenos (half chilli shells filled with cream cheese then coated in crispy breadcrumbs), as well as international cheese and fish specialities. Garvens checkweighers inspect the frostkrone products on every production line; Frostkrone have had confidence in METTLER TOLEDO Garvens dynamic weighing technology for many years. The company uses a total of eight modern Garvens checkweighers throughout all its production areas.

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Attractive price/performance ratio
250 g packs of frozen catfish fillets are checked by a Garvens XE3 just after leaving the cartoner. The XE3 automatically rejects underweight products if they fall 2 g below their nominal weight. The XE3 model offers state-of-the-art dynamic weighing technology with an attractive price/ performance ratio. This dynamic checkweigher achieves an accuracy of 1 g at a conveyor speed of 27 metres per minute. XE3 checkweighers are available with various weighing ranges for products up to 6,000 g and offer the highest levels of accuracy.

Dynamic weighing and metal detection solution
An XS3 CC type CombiChecker is used on the mozzarella sticks line and inspects between 15 and 18 tonnes of mozzarella sticks per day with a throughput of up to 80 packs per minute. The GARVENS CombiChecker has an accuracy of 0.3 g for this particular process. In accordance with finished packaging regulations this CombiChecker not only provides statistical evidence that the weight tolerances are being adhered to, but also checks that the final packaging is complete i.e. mozzarella packs that do not contain any spicy red pepper dip are automatically removed from the production process using a pusher. Simultaneously, the metal detector ensures that the products are metal free. Even the smallest pieces of metal contamination, such as those that may be introduced with the raw materials, are detected and eliminated before dispatch.

"The Garvens checkweighers can easily be integrated into our production process and our quality management to optimum effect,” explained Horst Thum, the Technical Manager at frostkrone. “Garvens checkweighers and CombiCheckers have proved to be very reliable and what’s more the service is quick and reliable,” continued Mr Thum.

Networked intelligence
All checkweighers at frostkrone are networked and can be controlled from a single workstation using CW-ReAcT II (Remote Access Tool) software. CWReAcT II enables optimum access to the Garvens weighing systems’ data. Several checkweighers can easily be managed via Ethernet. The data can be retrieved from every appropriately equipped PC in your company and integrated into the in-house quality management.

MID approval
The XS3 CC also has European MID approval, just like all modern GARVENS checkweighers. It is in accordance with the “Conformity Assessment Procedure, Stage 1”, designed and produced to be suitable for official calibration. The actual “final conformity assessment” (“Stage 2”) is carried out by a METTLER TOLEDO Garvensengineer on the user’s premises.

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