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Herta Relies on Mettler-Toledo

For Modern Vision Inspection Solutions

Herta is well-known for its pre-packed high-quality meat and sausage products – producing and packing up to 120 tonnes of sausage products at its Herten site in Germany every week. Product quality is a top priority at Herta, as their promise guarantees every customer a safe product of the highest quality.

"Our sausage and meat products are subjected to a very stringent quality management process," explains Georg Schröder, Head of Automation Technology. "To ensure the consumer is convinced of our consistently high quality, we need our product packaging to be flawless."

Thanks to innovative packaging, the company is able to ensure that its products reach the consumer extra fresh and smelling delicious. Herta uses METTLER TOLEDO CI-Vision's V2640 Flat Pack to automate inspection of its end packaging as part of their quality management process. The V2640 is designed to check a wide range of packaging quality elements – and can do so at high conveyor belt speeds. In the event of any problems, it transmits a signal to have the product removed. As the V2640 is downstream of the packaging and labelling machine, it can check the results of both processes and verify their quality.

Print-, label- and seal inspection at Herta / Nestlé

Print-, label- and seal inspection at Herta / Nestlé
Print-, label- and seal inspection at meat manufacturer Herta. Learn how innovative vision inspection solutions from METTLER TOLEDO CI-VISION ensure highest product quality and help protect the Herta Nestlé brand.

The vision inspection solution makes use of the colour detection abilities to determine whether or not the right film has been applied to the top side of the packaging and whether or not the film is properly aligned and fitted."

On the packaging line for Herta's Finesse brand, the V2640 also scans the underside of the packaging, checking whether or not the right label has been used and whether the use-by date and batch number have been printed correctly.

The V2640 also looks for any damage to the packaging, such as tears or holes in the film. It also checks the sealed edge around the Finesse packets for debris, such as bits of chicken breast that have accidentally become trapped. These checks enable Herta to identify products at risk of contamination and remove them before they can reach the retailer. The V2640 uses two blast nozzles to automatically remove any damaged packets, packets with incorrect labelling or bad products which have failed the sealed edge inspection.

"As well as checking the integrity of the packaging, we also check the layout of the printed barcode and the use-by date," Mr Schröder continued. The V2640 can detect whether or not a barcode is present and whether it has been positioned correctly, and can also check the accuracy of its coding.

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