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Evolved Gas Analysis – Precise TGA Determinations

Live Webinar

Evolved gas analysis complements TGA by characterizing decomposition products and volatiles

Evolved gas analysis
Evolved gas analysis

Evolved gas analysis is a method used to study the nature of volatile products released by a substance as it is heated. This can be done using many different types of techniques and equipment.


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The TGA-EGA system
The focus is on evolved gas analysis as it is commonly performed in thermal analysis, namely by coupling a thermogravimetric analyzer to a mass spectrometer or to a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer to create a TGA-EGA system.

The thermogravimetric analyzer records the loss-of-mass of the sample while the evolved gas analyzer simultaneously analyzes and so provides information about the gaseous products evolved. The products result from processes such as evaporation, desorption, decomposition, and chemical reactions.

Industries and applications
Evolved gas analysis has numerous potential applications for the analysis of volatiles, additives and decomposition products. It can be used in practically all industries ranging from the automotive field to chemicals, plastics, and pharmaceuticals. This webinar presents several different application examples that demonstrate the analytical power and versatility of evolved gas analysis.

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