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Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

PAT is Changing Chemical Process Development, Scale-up, and Manufacturing

Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Process Analytical Technology in R&D
Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
In Situ Reaction Analysis Tools
Inline Particle Characterization
Heat Flow Calorimetry in PAT


White Papers

A Guide to Crystallization and Precipitation
The quality of a crystallization process greatly influences the quality of the final product. Our new white paper introduces you to the fundamentals o...
How to Optimize a Crystallization Step Using Simple Image Analysis
By quickly identifying unnecessary hold times and determining how cooling rate influences crystal growth and nucleation, the cycle time for an interme...
Process FTIR For Safe Operation of Sodium Borohydride Reduction
John O'Reilly of Roche Ireland discusses sustainable Process Analytical Technology (PAT) system using Process FTIR for the safe operation of a sodium...
In Situ Monitoring of Chemical Reactions
'How to do more with less?' is a constant topic in chemical development laboratories as researchers need to quickly and cost-effectively deliver chemi...
Rapid Analysis of Continuous Reaction Optimization Experiments
The white paper - Rapid Analysis of Continuous Reaction Optimization Experiments - discusses how to optimize chemical reactions.
Effective Design of Experiment Studies
This paper describes the Design of Experiments (DoE) approach and how it is used to identify the relationship between parameters, defining optimal set...
Risks From Rising Temperature
In chemical process scale-up, understanding temperature change and the associated heat that is accumulated by the reaction are critical to process saf...
PAT for Emulsions
Use PAT for emulsions and suspension characterization without the need for sampling or sample prep.
Monitor Tablet & Granule Disintegration
The role of in-process particle measurement to complement traditional API dissolution studies is presented. The use of particle size and count measure...
Particle Size Analysis for Process Optimization
This white paper introduces some of the most common particle size analysis approaches and how they can be deployed for the effective delivery of high...

On-Demand Webinars

Breaking Barriers to Manufacturing Innovation
Frederic Buono discusses how Boehringer Ingelheim uses continuous flow technology to break barriers in manufacturing innovation.
Crystallization Image Analysis
Presented by Prof. Zoltan Nagy of Purdue University, this talk provides an overview of recent advances of applications for in situ imaging and image a...
Flow and Batch Chemistry Monitoring
Charles Goss presents examples illustrating how GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) monitors flow and batch chemistry unit operations in both laboratory and pilot p...
Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation
This presentation describes a strategy employed to design and develop robust, scalable crystallization processes that avoids Liquid-Liquid Phase Separ...
New Tools For Continuous Flow Chemistry
Andrea Adamo of MIT and Zaiput Flow Technologies discusses new tools for continuous flow chemistry advancement.
Agglomeration & Crystallization Using Particle Measurement
This presentation details how using data from in situ particle vision and measurement tools can be used to determine particle size and shape trends re...
Lubrizol Process Development and Scale-up
This webinar focuses on how to improve process development and scale-up by leveraging calorimetry and in situ process analysis. In order to provide t...
Chemical Process Intensification Merck
Shane Grosser discusses how Merck's Process Development Intensification Laboratory develops new tools and methods to increase the speed and decrease t...

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