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Surfactant titration

Make the optimal choice for surfactant titration

METTLER TOLEDO offers several methods for surfactant titration allowing the appropriate choice to be made for the sample in question.
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Kurzbeschreibung METTLER TOLEDO offers several methods for surfactant titration allowing the appropriate choice to be made for the sample in question
Anwendungen Surfactant titrations

The optimal choice is done taking into account the sample composition, the correct pH value and the presence of additional components such as salts, abrasives and fragrances.

Turbidimetric titration
Turbidimetric titration provides a fast method for the titration of ionic surfactants. The point of maximum turbidity is determined when titrating with a counter-ionic surfactant. This is easily indicated using the DP5 Phototrode™.

Potentiometric titration with a surfactant sensitive electrode (SSE)
A method suitable for most ionic and nonionic surfactants. For this technique METTLER TOLEDO offers the new DS800-TwoPhase or the DS500 surface sensitive sensor which are used in connection with the DX200 double junction reference electrode.

Two-phase titration
Previously the main drawback of this technique with color indicators was the inability to automate the titration. With the METTLER TOLEDO Titration Excellence titrators there is a special two-phase titration function, involving rapid mixing followed by phase separation and measurement, that allows automation of this method. The use of the DP5 Phototrode™ and a special two-phase titration beaker makes automatic two-phase titration as easy as any other titration.

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Surfactant sensitive electrode for two-phase systems
DP5 Phototrode for turbidimetric or two-phase titrations
DS500 Surfactant sensitive electrode for aqueous solutions
DX200 Double junction reference electrode
51107655 Two-phase titration beaker


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Surfactant titration


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Surfactant titration
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