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AOE06 Auxiliary output expander

Expand the possibilities of the DL77/DL70ES

The automation of demanding applications is sometimes limited by the number of auxiliary outputs of the DL70ES and DL77 titrators.
The auxiliary output expander AOE06 resolves this problem by multiplying each output by 6.
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DL77 titrator

The variable voltage of the auxiliary outputs 1 or 2 of the DL7x titrators is used as an input for the AOE06. The six relays in the AOE06 are individually switched by different voltages generated by the outputs. Therefore, six new outputs are generated: The first 9V output is used to operate a stirrer at a speed of 50%. The remaining five 24V outputs can be used to operate external devices.

The flexible method concept of the DL7x is ideal for an easy operation of the AOE06 via corresponding functions placed anywhere within the method.

With the powerful combination DL7x and AOE06, there are (almost) no limits for automation some examples:

Example 1:
Operation of up to five peristaltic or diaphragm pumps per auxiliary output for the addition of auxiliary solvents or reagents, for rinsing of the equipment and for waste removal.

Example 2:
Operation of up to five dosing units DU200 per auxiliary output for the exact dispensing of auxiliary reagents or titrants used in back titrations.

Example 3:
Operation of one sampling unit SU24 with two peristaltic pumps per auxiliary output for the fast and accurate aliquotation of sample solutions together with the sample changer Rondo 60.

Ordering information:
AOE06 auxiliary output expander including connection cable to the titrator

Optional equipment:
adapter cable MiniDIN-RCA (for the connection of a peristaltic or diaphragm pump)


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AOE06 Auxiliary output expander
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