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Distributeurs pour flacon Disp-X

Distributeurs pour flacon Disp-X

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Volume Range
Accuracy ± (%) (µl)
Precision ± (%) (µl)
Matériel No.: 30373527
Volume Range 0.5 mL – 5 mL ;
Accuracy ± (%) (µl)0.5 % / 25 µL ;
Precision ± (%) (µl)0.1 % / 5 µL ;
Quantity1 pcs ;
Matériel No.: 30373529
Volume Range 2.5 mL – 25 mL ;
Accuracy ± (%) (µl)0.5 % / 125 µL ;
Precision ± (%) (µl)0.1 % / 25 µL ;
Quantity1 pcs ;


Operating Instructions

Disp-X Bottle-Top Dispenser Operating Instructions
Download the operating instruction manual of the Disp-X Bottle-Top dispenser for large volume liquid handling from Rainin.

Documentations commerciales

Disp-X Distributeur pour flacons DS
Datasheet (pdf) Dispense Liquids with Confidence
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