Improve​ Operational Efficiency with Dynamic Dimensioning

Improve​ Operational Efficiency with Dynamic Dimensioning

Learn How Dynamic Dimensioning Can Boost Revenue and Reduce Costs


  • Boost revenue and reduce costs
  • Provide overage, shortage, and damage detection
  • Collect data for operational performance and safety
  • Assist with weight and research efficiencies

Incorrectly declared pallet dimensions and weight can have a huge impact on a freight operation's bottom line. Incorporating dynamic weighing and dimensioning solutions helps improve your company’s bottom line by providing higher read rates for increased revenue recovery, along with higher accuracy for enhanced data quality.

In 2019, a top-five freight carrier in the United States approached METTLER TOLEDO looking for a way to capture data on 100% of their pallets to help recover lost revenue. Since implementing METTLER TOLEDO's dimensioning solutions, the company has been able to successfully double their operating margins over a two year period.

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