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Weight set 1mg-500mg M1 PL C E

Advanced Line Weights.Set M1 OIML class weight in a plastic box including accessories for handling and cleaning and a calibration certificate

Traceability Certificate

All weights are delivered with a Calibration Certificate provided by METTLER TOLEDO's calibration lab in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements

Weight Calibration Performed by Robots

Our investments in state-of-the-art robot technology, combined with our many years of experience, minimize errors and increase accuracy

Adjusting Cavity

Each knob weight has an adjusting cavity, which simplifies weight adjustment without the need for specialized equipment

Material No.: 30406445

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Specifications - Weight set 1mg-500mg M1 PL C E
Density ρ
7950 (± 140) kg/m3
Susceptibility X
< 0.8
Calibration Certificate
Plastic box (included)
304 Stainless steel
Content (set up)
1 mg - 500 mg (12 pieces)
OIML Class
Nominal Value
1 mg - 500 mg




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Weight set 1mg-500mg M1 PL C E