Weight 20kg 4 PLSTCASE - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

Weight 20kg 4 PLSTCASE

ASTM Weights.Single ASTM 4 class knob weight in a plastic box

Unique Design

METTLER TOLEDO ASTM knob weights are designed to resist dust and moisture intrusion, offering a long term stability.

High Gloss Polish

Experience, combined with special skill acquired through years of weight polishing guarantee the consistent high quality for all customer demands.

Weight Calibration Performed by Robots

Substantial investments in cutting-edge robot technology, combined with decades of experience have opened up a new field in weight calibration.

Material No.: 11123606

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Specifications - Weight 20kg 4 PLSTCASE
Adjusting cavity
Density ρ
7950 (± 140) kg/m3
Susceptibility X
≤ 0.05
ASTM Class
Calibration Certificate
Plastic box (included)
316 Stainless steel
Nominal Value
20 kg



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Weight 20kg 4 PLSTCASE