Reference Weight

Reference Weights and Microgram Weights

Weights for Highest Metrological Performance and Specialized Applications

High-grade stainless steel knob and wire reference weights in class "E0" - with a higher accuracy than OIML class E1 weights - enable calibration of mass standards with the highest metrological performance.

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What is the OIML class of a reference weight?

It is commonly called an E0 class, but in reality it is an E1 weight with a lower uncertainty and a maximum permissible error of 1/5, compared to a standard E1 weight.

Is calibration of an E0 weight performed at METTLER TOLEDO?

No, the calibration of an E0 weight is performed at a national metrology institute, either PTB in Germany or METAS in Switzerland.

How large is the weight portfolio for reference weights?

We have single weight from 1mg - 50Kg and different weight sets. Check our portfolio of calibration weights.

Who uses reference weights?

Reference weights are used by national metrology institutes to calibrate other weights (for example of their customers).