This temperature-modulated DSC (TMDSC) method allows both temperature-dependent and time-dependent processes to be separated. The basic idea of TOPEM® is to overlay the isothermal or ramped temperature with a time series of stochastic (random) temperature pulses of different durations. The quasi static cp is separated from the reversing effects. The frequency-dependence of cp can be calculated.

STARe Software Option TOPEM
Specifications - TOPEM®
Material Number(s) 51141971
Trade Name TOPEM,ADSC,MDSC,temperature modulated dsc
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Features and Benefits
  • One measurement – simultaneous measurement of sample proper-ties as a function of time and temperature over a large frequency range.
  • cp determination from the pulse response – very accurate determination of the quasi-static heat capacity.
  • Simultaneous high sensitivity and high resolution – allows the measurement of low energy transitions and/or close-lying temperature-dependent effects.
  • Separation of reversing and non-reversing processes – heat  capacities can be determined with unrivaled quality even if the  effects overlap.
  • Simplifies interpretation – frequency-dependent effects (e.g.  glass transitions) can be very easily distinguished from frequency-independent effects (e.g. loss of moisture).
  • Extended PEM technique – eliminates instrumental influences and extends the measurable frequency range.
  • Automatic cp adjustment – provides accurate frequency-dependent heat capacity values based on one single measurement.


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