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ParticleView V19 - Discontinued Product

View Inline Particle Size and Shape in Real Time With In Situ PVM images

ParticleView V19 with PVM (Particle Vision and Measurement) technology is a probe-based video microscope that visualizes particles and particle mechanisms as they exist in process.  High resolution images are continuously captured under a wide range of process conditions without the need for sampling or offline analysis. A process trend, sensitive to changes in particle size and concentration, is automatically combined with the most relevant images, providing scientists with a straightforward and reliable method to ensure comprehensive understanding is acquired with every experiment.

  • Study Particle Size and Shape - High resolution imaging of particles in real time enables scientists to determine the influence of process parameters on particle size and shape.  Particles can be designed to behave predictably as key parameters change during development, scale-up and manufacturing.
  • Characterize Transient Events and Elusive Mechanisms - Particles and particle structures often change when sampled.  By visualizing crystals, droplets and other delicate particle structures inline, scientists can characterize transient events and elusive mechanisms that may be critical for optimizing the quality of a product or process.
  • Investigate Critical Process Events and Upsets - An image-based trend, sensitive to changing particle size, shape and concentration, helps scientists identify and then investigate important process events and upsets.  The fast and reliable method reduces the time and effort needed to fully understand complex particle systems and processes.
  • Make Evidence-Based Decisions At a Lower Cost - By visualizing particles and particle mechanisms inline, scientists acquire knowledge that would otherwise prove too difficult or time consuming to obtain.  Such knowledge supports evidence-based decision making and process development at a lower cost.
ParticleView V19 With PVM Technology

Discontinued since: Apr, 2020

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Replaced with: Analyzer EasyViewer 100 System

View and Measure Particles in Real Time

View and Measure Particles in Real Time.EasyViewer 100 System Configuration

New Experimental Insights

Capture high-resolution images of particles as they exist in situ, at previously unobtainable levels of detail, to reveal new insights for processes.

Powerful Analytics

Transform EasyViewer into a powerful particle size and shape analyzer using optional image analysis methods in iC Vision to design particles faster.

Breakthrough Usability

A slim and lightweight probe with a plug-and-play connection and smart software makes setup and automated data capture effortless below 100 mL scale.

Documentation - ParticleView V19


ParticleView V19 With PVM Technology
Visualize particles and particle mechanisms in real time to study particle size and shape

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Support - ParticleView V19

Support Documentation for ParticleView V19

Hardware Manuals

ParticleView V19 Hardware Manual
This manual covers specific safety and quality information relating to the ParticleView V19 with PVM (Particle Vision Measurement) technology. The P...

Quick Reference Guides

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Software Support

iC Vision
iC Vision enables every scientist to collect and analyze the high-resolution images captured by EasyViewer™ particle size analyzer.

Additional Help

ParticleView V19 Safety Manual
This safety manual supplements the ParticleView V19 with PVM Technology Hardware Manual.
ParticleTrack & ParticleView Onsite Training
Training and familiarization with ParticleTrack and ParticleView will ensure that all users can walk up to instruments and immediately bring value to...

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