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Application Method

Thermal Analysis Automation

Application Method

Fully Automated Thermal Analysis Workflows from Sample Taking to Result Analysis

Thermal Analysis Automation
Thermal Analysis Automation

There is more to thermal analysis automation than task execution by a mechanical device; METTLER TOLEDO's software-integrated solution ensures data is stored consistently and securely and supports automatic workflows, from sample taking to result analysis and reporting.

TGA and DSC sample robot

Any TGA or DSC can be fitted with a sample robot, enabling automatic lid piercing - immediately before starting the measurement. Additional features include:

  • 24/7 operation
  • Processing of up to 34 samples  
  • Automatic weighing-in
  • Different methods to be selected for different samples

Prior to measurement, samples may lose volatile components such as moisture, or conversely, if hygroscopic, absorb moisture. This application note shows how this problem can be solved using the automatic lid piercer on the sample robot.

DSC Sample Robot

TGA Sample Robot

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