LabX® for UV/VIS

Simple and TailoredSimple operation, tailored to individual needs
An individual workbench for efficient management of measurements and results. Dual mode operation allows operation from either the PC, instrument, or both. Personalization options, such as short cuts, make operation intuitive and easy regardless of lab experience.
Increased productivityBoost productivity in the lab with LabX features such as:
task scheduling to execute predefined work plans, connections to 3rd party devices to automate sample preparation or kinetic analysis, sample series handling with the cuvette changer or bar code reader for error-free and quick sample identification and notification if an analysis is ready or a result is not within tolerance.
Secure UV/VIS workflowsSOP guidance on the instrument terminal and on the PC support compliance with regulations and best practices.
The product based workflow allows for flexible lean systems, as only one method is required for a large variety of samples. Choose from predefined method templates for an immediate start or use the welldefined method editor to fit the workflow to your application.
Manage results efficiently The LabX results database provides immediate access to all data at any time. Automatic plausibility checks, report generation and statistical evaluations of your results provide unparalleled overview of all your processes. Method development and correcting input errrors become easy tasks with the help of the reanalysis tool.
Secure measurement performance Monitor your calibrations and performance verification test. If needed, LabX will send you reminder emails to make sure you have enough time to react before expiry, hence, reducing downtime.
One-stop shop data LabX provides a single repository for methods, data, reports, user, and instrument data all in a secure audit-ready database. All data are easily accessible at any time. This includes the complete analytical instrument portfolio of METTLER TOLEDO.
Streamline your UV/VIS Workflow

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Full FDA regulation compliance — be audit ready any time
Built-in security features such as electronic signatures and user management options assist you to comply with 21 CFR part 11 regulations an ensure your lab is audit-ready at any time.
• Secure database, full traceability
• Audit Trail to completely record all actions
• Management of instrument tests
• Fully documented validation support
Many different instruments — one interface
Reduce complexitiy in your lab with one common software for all METTLER TOLEDO instruments. LabX significantly reduces the operator's learning time for different analytical instruments as it provides one common operating platform and many more common features.
Seamless integration — complete workflow automation
LabX is easily integrated with your existing information systems. Tasks generated by ELNs and LIMS can be brought directly to the instrument touchscreen. Error-free data import/export can be achieved via files or bidirectional 3rd party interfacing.
User Management
Define users (Individual users) and roles (Lab Technician, Lab Manager, Quality Control, Administrator, etc.) in the LabX® software. Access to functionality is based on the defined rights each user or role is given. Login to all your instruments and PCs on your LabX network with the same username and password.
Auto Import / Export
Simply define the export settings for your results and sample series for automated file creation in a defined directory. With a simple process, import your tasks and sample series automatically into LabX creating tasks or even start the analyses directly. Import and export data directly in CSV and XML formats. Exporting and importing was never more powerful and able to meet your needs.
Product Database
Manage product data centrally — run methods based on product data - e.g. incoming goods, raw materials, flavors & fragrances, etc. The operator simply chooses the product on the instrument and has all relevant SOPs and analysis regarding the product at their fingertips. The Product Database option allows the user to define products based on the given methods and even start tasks based on a specific product.
Statistical Evaluation
The feature of statistical evaluations provides functionality to analyse how your process and measurements change over time. Your applicable process regulations can effortlessly be monitored, assisting in staying always under control.
This option includes audit trail and e-signatures (releasing and signing) of methods (SOPs), reports, results, etc. electronic signature is possible via username and password. With the regulation option combined with the user management option, your system will be audit ready at any time.

* Only available with LabX Server
System Integration*
Bring your tasks directly to the instrument’s touch screen with bi-directional integration into your ELN, LIMS, or ERPs. Much more than just capturing data from an instrument, the LabX system integration option allows bi-directional integration. Centrally start and control tasks directly from your ELN or LIMS. These 3rd party systems are able to send tasks directly to the METTLER TOLEDO instrument touchscreen terminal.

* Only available with LabX Server
Advanced Report Designer*
The Advanced Report Designer goes beyond the flexibility in the standard LabX report editor for completely flexible layouts. This advanced design of your LabX reports allows you to freely customize reports with all details and possibilities like charts, plots, and tables.

* Only available with LabX Server
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