In Situ Flow Technology to Continuous Processing - Part II - METTLER TOLEDO
Webinar Sob Demanda

In Situ Flow Technology to Continuous Processing - Part II

Webinar Sob Demanda

Continuous Flow Chemistry Analysis with FlowIR

For continuous flow chemistry processing, FlowIR is a convenient inline analytical tool. The FTIR instrument for real-time monitoring of continuous flow chemistry is easily incorporated into a variety of flow set-ups and is shown to meet some of the new challenges that flow chemistry presents to the synthetic chemist.
Steven Ley, Tobias Brodmann, Catherine Carter - University of Cambridge
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Continuous Flow Chemistry Monitoring

This on-demand webinar discusses the application of in situ FlowIR™ for a range of different reaction types including:

  • Grignard formation in flow
  • Gas-liquid reactions in flow
  • Controlling other devices
  • Multi-step sequences

Guest Presenters

Steven V. Ley

Steven V. Ley is the BP (1702) Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. He received his Ph.D. degree from Loughborough University in 1972, after which he carried out postdoctoral research with Leo Paquette and Derek H. R. Barton. He was appointed to the staff at Imperial College in 1975 and became head of department in 1989. He was elected to the Royal Society (London) in 1990 and moved to Cambridge in 1992. He was President of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2000–2002) and was made a CBE in January 2002. His work of over 670 publications has been recognised by several prestigious prizes and awards, including most recently the Royal Medal (Royal Society) for his pioneering research in organic chemistry and outstanding contributions to the methodology of synthesis.

Tobias Brodmann

Tobias Brodmann studied Chemistry at the Leibniz University of Hanover in Germany. He spent one year in the group of Professor Barry M. Trost at Stanford University, USA for undergraduate research work in 2005. He joined the group of Professor Markus Kalesse in 2007. Following his diploma degree, he finished his Ph.D. in the same group in 2010 towards the first total synthesis of chivosazole F. He started his postdoctoral research in 2011 in the group of Professor Steven V. Ley. His current research interest is the application of new flow technologies to organic synthesis.

Catherine F. Carter

Catherine F. Carter received an MSci in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham (2004-2008). She completed her final year project with Professor Chris Hayes and is currently a final year Ph.D. student in Professor Ley’s research group working towards the application of new technologies to organic synthesis.