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iC PVM Software

Study Particle Size, Shape and Concentration In Real Time

iC PVM software allows scientists to acquire and share comprehensive process knowledge by viewing particles in real time using an intuitive (touch compatible) interface with intelligent features. High resolution, inline images are automatically captured, enhanced and shared using one-click data management and reporting tools. Relative Backscatter Index (RBI), an image-based trend sensitive to changes in particle size and concentration, is combined with the most relevant images as well as any recorded process variables. This combination of tools allows scientists to develop comprehensive process understanding for particle systems faster than ever before.

Combined with ParticleView V19 real time microscopy, iC PVM allows scientists to acquire comprehensive process understanding for every experiment involving crystals, particles and droplets.

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  • Particle System Understanding Without Any Need For Training - Auto-lighting and image enhancement features ensure optimal image quality for every experiment.  Simple and intuitive controls ensure process understanding for particle systems can be obtained easily without the need for training.

  • Image-Based Trending To Study Particle Size and Shape - Relative Backscattered Index (RBI), an image-based trend sensitive to changes in particle size and concentration, allows scientists to study process dynamics.  Combined with critical process parameters (including temperature and agitation), particle mechanisms can be linked directly to process conditions.

  • Save and Share Critical Insights - Significant images can be easily pinned and annotated, while uninteresting images can be filtered and removed to ensure file sizes are manageable.  By focusing on the most important data, information is obtained and shared as quickly as possible.

  • One-Click Reports, Videos and Presentations - Easy-to-use reporting and data management tools allow images, videos and presentations to be created at the click of a button.  Critical process knowledge can easily be shared - allowing project teams to justify decisions and reach a consensus quickly.



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iC PVM Software
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