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ACW520 Cable Free Floor Scale

ACW520 Cable-Free Floor Scale

Complete Freedom from Cables Flexibility to Place Anywhere

ACW520 Cable Free Floor Scale
ACW520 Cable Free Floor Scale
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Piece Counting Scale
When verifying inventory, parts, or production quantities, every piece is important. Precision piece-counting technology ensures that only the right n...



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Industrial Floor Scales for Any Application

Industrial Floor Scales are used in a wide range of applications throughout many industries and industrial segments world wide. From pharmaceuti...

Industrial Floor Scales are used in a wide range of applications throughout many industries and industrial segments world wide. From pharmaceutical manufacturing to logistics operations, the floor scale is a critical piece of the process. Our broad offering ensures you find your perfect fit.

High-Precision Floor Scales are robust enough to weigh you heavy loads, precise enough to weigh your smallest. These scales including floor scale with ramp offerings are ideal for operations requiring the highest level of accuracy to ensure consistent quality and eliminate bad batches.

Digital PowerDeck Floor Scales: maximize your production yield with real-time operator guidance and system alerts. Prevent downtime before it happens, and coach operators to perfect weighments every time.

Hygienically Designed Floor Scales: for zones requiring the highest hygienic standards, our stainless steel floor scales are the perfect fit. Built for easy wash-down and elimination of cross-contamination or hygienic risks. These solutions are ideal for hygienically sensitive areas including pharma production facilities and food production facilities. Liftable floor scales allow you to easily clean under the scale in hard to reach areas and stainless steel offerings ensure protection against harsh environments. Look also for IP protection that can withstand heavy wash down.

Heavy Duty Floor Scales: for industrial environments requiring rugged equipment that can take a daily beating. Cable-free floor scales and wireless floor scales options are also an ideal fit for operations requiring lean manufacturing capabilities.

Request an onsite consultation for information from our heavy-duty weighing experts. Discover additional possibilities and floor scale for sale options, including solutions such as:

  • Floor scales with ramp solutions
  • Large floor scale offerings
  • Commercial floor scale offerings
  • Floor weight scale varieties
  • Floor scale with printer options
  • Wireless floor scale options
  • Low profile floor scale offerings

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