Integrated 3-In-1 Combination Product Inspection Systems

Integrated 3-In-1 Combination Product Inspection Systems

Improve packaging and labeling quality using combination systems integrated with Vision Inspection technology

Combination systems utilizing multiple product inspection technologies provide a space-saving solution for food manufacturers, allowing them to comply with regulatory safety demands in situations where production space is at a premium.

Taking this a step further, our Product Inspection division offer combined checkweighing and contaminant detection solutions now with integrated vision inspection technology within a single device. This three-in-one solution gives manufacturers total visibility of product, packaging and label quality.

The Importance of Vision Inspection

Across the food manufacturing sector, increasingly strict regulations are placing greater demands on vision inspection technology as a means to enhance product quality and safety, as well as carry out the data collection that creates the foundations for traceability.

COVID-19 has also contributed to the increased importance of vision inspection on the production line. For example, manual spot-check sampling has been made more complicated by social distancing requirements, meaning fewer people can perform inspection duties within a defined space. - Vision inspection requires no social distancing and can also check every single product.

Food manufacturers grappling with these issues know that there are multiple product inspection technologies available including metal detection, x-ray, checkweighing, vision and track & trace systems. These solutions can help them respond to evolving market requirements. The problem to date has been physically fitting all of this equipment into already cramped production and packaging facilities.

Triple combination systems packed with technology in a small footprint

Traditionally, combination product inspection solutions have offered a checkweigher as the core technology with either a metal detector or x-ray inspection system within a single frame. However, METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection now integrate these combination systems with vision inspection in one off-the-shelf system, or even more as a customized solution, saving a huge amount of factory floor space for our customers.

These triple-combination systems provide a huge amount of technology packed into a small footprint, incorporating vision inspection, with our Product Data Check (PDC) smart camera system integrated into the existing C-Series checkweighers with either metal detection or x-ray inspection technology. A further combination solution is available; a checkweigher paired with track & trace technology. We can also accommodate a wide range of custom developments, including multi-lane, multi-technology systems as well as building a range of accessories, such as printers, into the solution.

Plug and play set-up with ongoing service support

The integration of vision inspection with combination systems has traditionally been difficult to set up and operate, requiring considerable time and effort. Our new triple combination systems are truly plug and play, supporting easy product set-up and fast product changeovers via the checkweigher operator interface.

A further benefit is that ongoing support is available from a single supplier when using a combination system, making servicing equipment quicker and more efficient. OurAugmented Reality-based remote diagnostic and repair services enhance our service offering further by allowing our service engineers to interact with the operator remotely via a live video stream to reduce production downtime.

Although food manufacturers receive one integrated system, all critical control points will continue to function if one part of the system fails. Each system Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is fully integrated enabling them to communicate with each other. This means another HMI can take over if there are any issues, enabling the continued rejection of contaminated or non-conforming products to take place.

Our three-in-one systems can also be combined with our ProdX™ data management software thereby storing product inspection data and images externally. This has additional benefits such as improved traceability, quick data retrieval and proof of due diligence.

Flexibility of the heart of production

Our three-in-one combination systems bring a flexible and modular approach to food processing, are open to customization and can seamlessly integrate a range of advanced inspection technologies into a small footprint.

It means that manufacturers can now monitor product, packaging and label quality, and address the consumer safety, compliance and traceability challenges they face. This can all be performed from a single, compact device, serviced by a single engineer that could solve problems from anywhere in the world.

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