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Calibrate Tanks Easily Without Weights

Calibrate Tanks Easily Without Weights
Calibrate Tanks Easily Without Weights

A pre-calibrated load cell solution offers an economical and easy-to-perform way to ensure fair results. The calibration method, CalFree™, is the perfect solution for the calibration of tanks, or when placing test weights is impractical or an approximate calibration is sufficient. The method is independent of density of material, temperature and environmental conditions, such as vibrations.

Calibration with test weights is the most accurate calibration method, but it is not always applicable or necessary. METTLER TOLEDO offers CalFree as a fair alternative. It offers a good solution for the calibration of tanks, vessels, silos and hoppers when it is impractical to place test weights or for applications that need an approximate calibration only.

CalFree uses factory-calibrated load cells. The actual output of the individual load cells is measured and recorded during the production process and supplied with each load cell. The outputs of each individual load cell of the respective scale are averaged and entered into a dedicated weighing terminal from METTLER TOLEDO with CalFree capability. The terminal uses this average output to compute a theoretical calibration which is less accurate than using test weights, since it does not take into account the actual mechanical characteristics of the scale.

Users who only need an approximate calibration would find this method useful to confirm the operational integrity of the overall system. Furthermore, it is possible to replace a load cell or terminal quickly by calibrating with this method.

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