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Weighing Innovations Lead to Accurate Inventories


Inaccurate inventories can cause process inconsistencies. Even worse, they can delay orders and cost companies both money and clients. Correct scale use can help eliminate inventory risk by providing accurate piece counts and inventory maintenance.

 Weighing Innovations Lead to Accurate Inventories
Weighing Innovations Lead to Accurate Inventories

Piece counting and kit weighing with counting scales offer a very accurate picture of inventory—but only if several critical weighing aspects are taken into consideration.

A new white paper from METTLER TOLEDO entitled “Best Practices in Counting” explores how parts-weight deviation, scale accuracy and environmental conditions affect piece count accuracy.

This white paper provides guidance on how to ensure that common causes of piece-count inaccuracies do not disrupt weighing processes so you get the most from your weighing. Several key issues are covered, e.g.:

  • ensuring process efficiency,
  • making sure operators are well-trained,
  • ensuring weighing solutions deliver required accuracy, and
  • creating a maintenance plan that ensures ongoing accuracy.

Topics such as how to choose the right number of sample parts, how to deal with parts weight deviation and how to select appropriate counting scales are reviewed. METTLER TOLEDO’s Good Weighing PracticeTM (GWP®) provides the foundation for these critical analyses which help to avoid wrong quantities, incomplete kits and costly consumer complaints.

To learn more about how to perfect inventory management using counting scales, download thewhite paper “Best Practices in Countingtoday:

For additional information about GWP® for Counting, visit: GWP® for Counting

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